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Great Zoom Meeting Yesterday at Urban Mediamakers Film Festival with Cheryle Moses & Redelia Shaw !

Dernière mise à jour : 19 juil. 2021

Like all UMFF meetings yesterday also was huge & great. Cheryle Moses, was as usual on top, with a great and beautiful energy, with a great guest & festival member Redelia Shaw from Directors Guild of America !

Dorothée C. Dorwood translator of the script Katrina who used to be participate to the meeting, this week can't because of a technical problem. She was disappointed but will be present next week.

Like each week all participants share a great moment they lived during last week. It's a great moment where everybody share positive energy & that creates cheerfulness cohesion inside the night.

Redelia Shaw talked about the cinema industry giving advices to Directors, Producers, Writers & Filmmakers. she answered questions from participants.

She spoke about the difficulties of the cinema market, from her personal experience. She especially insisted on one thing if you want to be successful : "work and perseverance". She ends on a good note by saying that this environment, even if it is difficult and complicated, before all it's marvelous !

And finally as usual, the evening ended after almost 3 hours, with beautiful words & wishing from Cheryle Moses to spend all a wonderful week with a beautiful prayer.

Right now Gazanfer Biricik waits for next Sunday impatiently!


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