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🇺🇸 KATRINA selected at 19th UMFF !

Dernière mise à jour : 22 févr.

🇺🇸 🎉 Great News from USA for the script Short Katrina selected at first step to 19th Urban Mediamakers Scripte & Film Festival at Lilburn, Georgia in USA !

Gazanfer Biricik is very honored, now he hopes to reach the next step ! Thank you USA 🇺🇸 !

The script Katrina written by Gazanfer Biricik & successfully translated in english by Dorothée C. Dorwood talks about rape, identity crisis, IVF and generally women rights.

The goal of the screenwriter is to find producers or people who can help him to make this short who talks about sensitive subjects.

He proposed the script some producers, in the first step same if they were interested by the project finally they all abandon to support the project. The biggest support comes from VIDI Space, from Elizabeth Saint who is interested and as soon as the conditions are met, intends to participate in the realization of KATRINA. VIDI Space is also distributor of the awarded short GAB written & directed by Gazanfer Biricik.

You can also watch the trailer where screenwriter explain his motivations about the script KATRINA :

To be selected at 19th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival is a great opportunity to talk about KATRINA !

Being selected to the 19th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival open the opportunity to meet people who could be interested by by the project. And precisely the Zoom meeting planed and done the 13th on September 2020 confirmed that.

So what Gazanfer thought about the meeting ?

" It was really great, people are very open. an innovative festival based on mutual aid between the different festival participants. I have taken a lots of contact, everybody share it. I think this is the first time that I have witnessed such a warm welcome before a festival which is already promising to be very convivial. A meeting hosted by Cheryle Renee Moses, this woman is fantastic. No stress, everything flows at its own pace, she gave us a round table where everyone introduced themselves, a meeting which included nearly a hundred people. I can tell you in advance that this is one of my best experiences. I can not wait to be there ! And by the way I invite everyone to participate in the next edition of the Urban Mediamaker Film Festival !

Take a look the video, and follow Urban Mediamaker Film Festival on Instagram, facebook, and youtube !

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