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🇺🇸 KATRINA is the new short of Gazanfer BIRICIK

It's done, Gazanfer BIRICIK is working on a new short. This short is committed as the last one "GAB" who won 91 awards in festivals and have been selected 138 times in festivals.

The short film KATRINA, which should be around 15 minutes or so, looks at the problems of women. Even if society has made great progress in the area of ​​"Women's Rights", society is not yet sufficiently aware of this subject. And there is still a lot of progress to be made at this level.

The new short film project by director Gazanfer BIRICIK, as for GAB, still deals with a very sensitive subject. In addition to Women Rights, it raises another big problem in contemporary society : young people in identity crisis.

This kind of subject is always quite tricky to discuss because it is often classified as taboo by society. It is therefore always difficult to wear on the screen. So like the last short film "GAB", this one is also very engaged.

You can see the poster of the film who describe a little the atmosphere of the short. Dark, deep, and turn to the society.

To do this and move forward in this project, the director is currently seeking funding. He is looking for one or more audiovisual productions that would be interested by the project.

In this project he focuses not only on the subject but above all on the quality of the film's production. He would like to bring the artistic quality that he could not entirely bring for GAB.

This short film, in view of the subject it deals with, must necessarily be interpreted by professional comedians who will have to feel concerned by the subject, and therefore will have to be very involved. The making of this short film, if it sees the light of day, should spread a lot of ink.

Synopsis :

" Mila is a 7-month pregnant woman who does not know the identity of her parent. In order to push her mother Katrina to tell her more about him, she decides to go to her house with a DNA test which she has previously done.

A discussion accompanied by flashbacks will retrace Katrina's ordeal. Also is present Katrina’s partner Djenna. Despite her efforts to hide the truth, Katrina obviously cracks up and tells her the truth. " - Gazanfer BIRICIK - Director & Screenwriter

For producers who would like to know more about the project, we invite them to contact the director,, who owns all the rights, or ourselves to put you in touch with it. Hoping that people are interested in the project.

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