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🇺🇸 Gazanfer Biricik meet Rashed M'Dini in "Festival de Cannes" 2021 !

Dernière mise à jour : 1 mars

Gazanfer Biricik who made the trip to attend to the 74th "Festival de Cannes", has met a great person. "I met a great man & faithful friend in Cannes, so glad to meet Rashed M'Dini a wonderful person !" said Gazanfer.

Rashed M'Dini is a successful Director, Writer & Producer. He is first known for Première Neige directed in 2005 for which short he won the palm of "Prix du Jury" and has been nominated for "Palm d'Or" & "Prix du court-métrage" at 59th Festival de Cannes in 2006.

Rashed M'Dini also won in 71th Festival de Cannes "Hollywood Tribute" for all his career. With a huge experience about 36 years he succeeds to reach a great filmography with 26 films & series. He is one of the most respected Director of french cinema.

Rashed M'Dini is Producer at Fratel Films located in Montpellier. His company produces engaging films that have a vision, that deals with contemporary issues.

Gazanfer Biricik said : " As I can see, Rashed is a very respected person in french cinema. Everybody like him. And in that kind of network if people respect you it's because you are a great person. I look at Show Buzz, it's a film that Rashed M'Dini wrote and directed in 2011 which already announced the wave #MeeToo. I can easily say Rashed M'Dini is a visionary, and that's rare in this environment."

New-Age is another Rashed M'Dini's feature film that Gazanfer Watched and who talks about the importance of nature, the place of Man on Earth and how the evolution of Science and the human condition take an essential place inside. This feature film who is directed in 2017 confirms that Rashed M'Dini is a visionary as Gazanfer said : "Inside "New-Age" Rashed talks about things that could happen, such as a pandemic, and all he predicts are confirmed with our actuality. Beyond that, he has a unique style and knows how to highlight truths with the means he has at his disposal."

Finally Gazanfer said : " Rashed is a humble person, he has a big heart, he is protective and loves to help those who deserve it. This meeting is a gift of heaven. "

Gazanfer in front of "Le Palais des Congrès" of Cannes.


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