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🇺🇸 GAB is selected at Court En Flèche in France for October 2022 !

Dernière mise à jour : 5 mars

GAB directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK in 2018 has been selected at the Festival Court en Flèche in France !


Rashed M'Dini known for "Show Buzz" or also "New Age" is a multi awarded Director and a successful writer who decided to create a film event in La Flèche in France where he lives.

For a first edition it seems to be a great event where the city has decided to open doors for the international filmmakers. A little city with a big potentiel and other all with with a love for cinema.

In this great event we hope all the best for GAB who has won a lots of awards all other the world, and the Director Gazanfer is glad to be a part of the films of the festival.

Vous pouvez visionner le court-métrage GAB ici :

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