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🇺🇸 "GAB" directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK is selected at Utah Film Festival the 24th of July 2018.

"GAB" directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK is selected at Utah Film Festival, a great news but the better is the feed-back of the director of festival on festival official facebook page.

Great words who make happy all the ream of the film GAB who talks about a sensitive subject. The words of director festival are exactly :

"France has a very long and unfortunate history of terror attacks. There were many lives lost and families emotionally and mentally shattered. In this short film “Gab” by Gazanfer Biricik, you’ll get to witness an unlikely intervention of perception. The mainstream media has played a tremendous role in the war against terrorism but watching this film made me question factors that contributes to these never-ending terror acts. First is, has the media done enough to spread peace other than to add more fuel to the fire of the heated war? Do we only focus on the visible victims of these terror acts? What about the innocent men, women, and children who always get typecast as terrorist because of their race or religion? Word is the most influential medium of communication; it can hurt and destroy, but it can also save and spread peace. It is up to us to decide on how we are going to use our words. This film is an absolute must-see, it leads to a much-needed enlightenment that most of us need." - Utah Film Festival

GAB has been selected in more 154 times, got 101 awards and most of viewers, professionals or festival jurys or directors has made great comments and reviews. It's always a big pleasure when receive these kind of feed-back and motivate you to continue in your projects.

You can see the short GAB in the official Youtube page of the producer Gazanfer BIRICIK. Some of distributors refused to share the short because of the subject treated in the short. You can see the film here :

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