Carolina Piazza Working on script KATRINA written by Gazanfer Biricik

Paris, the 3rd May 2021

The script KATRINA written by Gazanfer Biricik who talks about rape, IVF, identity crisis and generally women rights is pleased to welcome screenwriter Carolina Piazza to collaborate on it.

KATRINA who has been selected in huge events in USA like Urban Media Makers Film Festival in USA or in huge events in Madrid in Spain or in Los Angeles

Carolina Piazza is a writer, actress, dancer and director known for the book "La Slow Beauté" of La Société des écrivains de Paris, for playing in "Les Graves météo" of Dominique Farrugia, Few Interactive, "Sexy Cuisine TV" of Scott Hillier and Kadi Lokk and "L'infidèle" of Lionel Magne.

Gazanfer Biricik said : " Carolina is a competent screenwriter, and it's nice to work with her. We have other projects in the works."

We wish them good luck and all the best in this collaboration.

Our editors say also welcome to Carolina Piazza !

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