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🇺🇸 GAB is Semi-Finalist at Hitchcock Awards in UK !

Dernière mise à jour : 3 févr.

Great News for GAB who is semi-finalist at Hitchcock Film Awards.

After hearing the sound of silence, GAB directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK managed to reach semi-finalist in a huge Sci-Fi & Horror event like Hitchcock film Awards.

This short hides us a lots surprises.

After being streamed on VIDI SPACE Amazon Prime in USA & UK area, this short continues to surprise us by reaching events qualified as prestigious by all the film productions.

It's seem to be cleat that Gazanfer BIRICIK's career is now growing up and we hope he will produce his other projects who really worth to be seen on screening !

Gazanfer also give an interview to Film Daily

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