🇺🇸 Origins of french director Gazanfer BIRICIK

What are the origins of screenwriter and film director Gazanfer Biricik, born April 15, 1977 in Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges in France, whose currently in full ascending period.

-- Where do his grandparents come from ?

His maternal grandparents are of Azerbaijani origin. On the side of his paternal grandfather, he is of Iranian-azerbaijani origin, his paternal grandmother is of Turkish Meskhetian (Ahiska-Yerri) origin. His grandparents settled in Kars in Turkey in the early 1915 because of the oppression, segregation & massacres of Azerbaijanis by armenians militias supported by russian army.

His maternal grand-mother reported about caucasien oppression on Azerbaijanis : " my mother tells me that during their deportation the Russian and the Armenian soldiers filled us in a hayloft, they were going to burn us alive inside, just then I suppose English soldiers, because wearing white uniforms, came and rescued us. When it happened my mother said me I was around several months baby or maybe one year old. During our deportation my parents witnessed mass massacres perpetrated by Armenians militias on Azerbaijani and Ottoman villagers. My parents had to go up through the woods and the mountains so as not to cross them."

His maternal grandfather reports to him: "I do not really know my age because the villagers of the time did not register the births in due time, but in 1915 I think I was 15 years old, I carried the gun to the shoulder as we faced the Armenian militias constituted of men, children around fourteen or eighteen and women who massacred Azerbaijani and Ottoman villagers, women, children, the elderly and disembowel pregnant women. I found myself in the middle of a massacre of villagers perpetrated by these militias, I remember hiding myself under corpses to escape death, I saw my best friend being killed with a knife and being disembowelled. I remember I Saw a photographer who took pictures of villagers they had massacred, Armenian militias told the photographer what to take, it gave them pleasure as when one receives a reward. These militias were supported by the Russian army, they were superior to us at the military level. We were alone in the face of these bloodthirsty militias because our Ottoman army had to face the uprisings of the Arab countries. When Kazim Karabekir's division rose to face these militias, they were overthrown. I remember an Armenian fighter running away from combat crying for revenge. "

-- And what about his parents ?

The director's father and mother were born in the same region in Turkey, respectively in Kars and Arpaçay. His parents married in Kars in 1965. Because of the crisis in Turkey, his parents emigrated to France in 1973. First the father arrives at Bruyères in "Les Vosges" where he is employed at "Autocoussin", then following the outcome of the family reunification his wife joined him in 1974. His parents then moved to the Kellermann district in Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges in 1977 at Gazanfer's year of birth.

-- Does he claim to be of an ideological, religious or other current ?

To date, he does not claim any bias in political, religious, ethnic or ideological matters. He says: "Until proven otherwise since the world is multi-ethnic, whatever our roots, to have a bias in political, ethnic, religious, ideological or whatever, it is not only to be wrong but above all is to exclude yourself from society. Being proud of one's roots, claiming one's ideas or belonging to such and such conviction by questioning what is wrong with it in the interests of cohesion for the benefit of society is one thing, but pretending to be superior to others because of who we are it is not only pretentious but above all it is completely ridiculous because it is a driver of discrimination and division. So I think it would be better to respect each other to avoid harming ourself. "

-- According to his DNA what is really Gazanfer's origins ?

After a thorough DNA study carried out by the American laboratory "My Heritage", the results of which we were able to obtain, its origins would be multiple:

West, Central, and South Asia

Southern Europe


Greek Italian

Middle East Central and South America

With such an ethnic mix we understand why he has no bias, and it's clearly a good thing !

Sources : infoexpress92

Gazanfer BIRICIK origins

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