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🇺🇸 Uticoad in New York talks about Gazanfer BIRICIK

Gazanfer BIRICIK selected at HIFF 2019

The daily Uticoad in New York talks about Gazanfer BIRICIK & the HIFF New York where The Heartthrob directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK will be screened at Colgate Inn.

Uticoad talks about Gazanfer BIricik & The Heartthrob which one is selected for the 11th edition of Hamilton International Film Festival who will take place in July 2019 in Hamilton New York.


Gazanfer Biricik will be traveling from his native Paris to debut his latest project “The Heart Throb.” Last year was his first trip to the Hamilton festival, where he found himself watching his film “Gab” seated with both film fans and fellow moviemakers. He was also invited to speak with several other creators after the evening’s screenings.

Biricik said he enjoyed the opportunity to present his film in person.

“I really appreciate the chance to come here,” he said.

“The filmmakers are all accessible to the public,” Slater noted. “They will be around to talk while having a beer at the Inn or sitting out in the park enjoying the music.”

Slater Brothers Entertainment partners Grant and Todd Slater have promised that Hamilton will always be home for them, so they are committed to bringing a little taste of Hollywood back to their hometown every year. Grant attended Hamilton Central School from fourth through eighth grades before leaving for prep school, and then returned to graduate from Colgate University. Todd, six years younger, attended HCS through ninth grade before leaving for prep school himself.

Slater said he looks forward to returning to the newly-renovated Hamilton Movie Theater next summer.

“We’re really pumped – we’re excited they are putting so much effort into the theater,” he said.

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