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Dernière mise à jour : 12 mars

Gazanfer Biricik born April 15, 1977 in Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges in France is a Turkish-French director and screenwriter. He is known for the short film GAB which he wrote and directed in January 2018 for which he won 10 times best director award.

He start the 7th art in October 2010 by taking courses in actor studio at Acting International in Paris in France. He attend several in-depth theater and cinema sessions from March 2011 to the end of June 2011.

In order to develop his stage skills, he joined Jacky Sigaux's classes in September 2011. This thoughtful choice is based above all on the experience of Jacky Sigaux who rubbed shoulders with the big names of French cinema such as Patrick Dewaere, Michel Colucci, Pierre Desproges, Miou Miou and Elie Semoun at the famous Café de la Gare where Jacky Sigaux's sister is the manager.

During this experience Gazanfer Biricik played roles in all of Jacky Sigaux's open scenes until September 2012. Open scenes which were constantly played to sold-out audiences. During this experience he not only improved his speech, his stage presence, his staging but above all his writing, he assimilated the “Basics” of scene writing.

His goal being cinema, he decided, through a friend, to join the Genevray workshop specializing in on-camera improvement provided by Jérôme Genevray. There he discovered a different approach to acting but which is also based on emotional or affective memory. Even though this technique is quite effective, when comparing his previous performances, he notices that this approach erases his personality. He then decided to refocus on his knowledge from the Actor Studio (acquired at Acting International) and tried to integrate the technique taught by J. Genevray who was also inspired by the Actor Studio. For Gazanfer Biricik when interpreting a scene: "you have to live the moment, you don't have to think about it, emotional memory consists of looking for past feelings to interpret a scene and therefore pushes the actress to think. This technique distorts the desired feeling, it interferes with the message we want to send and sometimes the audience gets lost and cannot put the words together in the image. For example during a dramatic scene where the hero's wife dies , if the character thinks of his dead mother or tries to find a similar moment that he experienced, the feeling returned is automatically parasitized and the audience feels it. For this to be avoided, the actress must experience the moment and not think about it. For a scene to be successful you must neither think about the text, nor think about the feelings, everything must be spontaneous." During this experience he had the chance to star in more than twenty short films. He put an end to this experience in March 2014 after declining a role during Jérôme Genevray's cinema workshop. Despite his affinities with the latter, he does not appreciate the atmosphere of the group which ends up rubbing off on the project and its organization. According to Gazanfer, known for his frankness, this difficulty could have been overcome if the group had been more united and had avoided whispers about the organizer of the project.

He decides to join the Luc Besson Masterclass from June 12 to June 14, 2014. After this masterclass he says : "This training allowed me to have a broader vision of the making of a film, starting from the pre-production, through the production of the film on a professional film set, up to post-production. I can tell you that since that I have changed my whole vision of making a film. "It is a privilege to have followed this Masterclass provided by a film star like Luc Besson. Certainly the greatest French director of all time. This experience that I will never forget marks a turning point in my conception of directing."

He makes his first professional short film "Le Tombeur / The Heartthrob" in 2015. The latter not succeed in achieving unanimous support, he is literally forgotten, but with the success in 2018 of the short film GAB, he was brought to light, integrates festivals and obtains 28 awards and 15 nominations (according to the Imdb).

In May 2018 Gazanfer Biricik contacted Julie Caignault, a recognized television and cinema personality, and asked her to co-write the feature film “Despite Everything”. After reading the synopsis Julie appreciates the story of the film. They meet for several writing sessions during which they finish shaping the script.

In 2019 he returned to the short film "Le Long Métrage" which he co-directed with Sabrina Renaudeau, his faithful friend, whom he met in 2012 at the Genevray workshop. This short film managed to win several awards around the world.

At the 74th Cannes Film Festival Gazanfer Biricik met Rashed M'dini, a recognized and award-winning director and producer, with whom he became friends. Rashed M'dini decides to integrate Gazanfer Biricik into his audiovisual production company Fratel Films as a partner.

Thanks to the success of the short film GAB, Gazanfer BIRICIK was one of the pre-selection jury of the Izmit International Short Film Festival of 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and is again pre-selection jury in 2024 which will take place in Izmit in Turkey.

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