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🇺🇸 Gazanfer BIRICIK Jury at IISFF 2020 !

Gazanfer BIRICIK has been designated by Art Nicomedia Director Mister Akin Ülkü Sevinç to be a part of the jury for Izmit International Short Film Festival this year in 2020.

It was with a great pleasure that Gazanfer BIRICIK has accepted to take part to this great experience in this great event in Turkey !

He said " It's a new and a great experience for me. Being first jury in a festival will be a great challenge and I am very excited ! "

We wish all the best to Gazanfer BIRICIK who really deserve this honor. He works for 8 years as Writer & Director trying to give the best of himself.

IISFF (Izmit International Film Festival) is one of the most prestigious festival of Turkey. All the event is supported by the Mayor & the city of Izmit.

Hoping this event will open other opportunities to Gazanfer, we say cheers to him !

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