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🇺🇸 Gazanfer BIRICIK Jury at IISFF 2020 !

Dernière mise à jour : 7 mars

Gazanfer BIRICIK has been designated by Art Nicomedia Director Mister Akin Ülkü Sevinç to be a part of the jury for Izmit International Short Film Festival this year in 2020.

It was with a great pleasure that Gazanfer BIRICIK has accepted to take part to this great experience in this great event in Turkey !

He said " It's a new and a great experience for me. Being first jury in a festival will be a great challenge and I am very excited ! "

We wish all the best to Gazanfer BIRICIK who really deserve this honor. He works for 8 years as Writer & Director trying to give the best of himself.

IISFF (Izmit International Film Festival) is one of the most prestigious festival of Turkiye. All the event is supported by the city of Izmit. Also Izmit newspapers like Times Kocaeli talk about this huge event who takes place all year in the city.

Hoping this event will open other opportunities to Gazanfer, we say cheers to him !

Live of 3rd IISFF in Izmit in Türkiye

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