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Dernière mise à jour : 4 oct. 2020

One of Gazanfer BIRICIK's feature film project is GATE 7. A Sci-Fi, is maybe of his best. Talking about sorcerer, demons, he shows in this project his deep univers where some people will be freaked to reach.

For this project also Gazanfer BIRICIK is lookin for a producer.


" David, whose wife Sybille is between life and death, in order to save her decides to follow the advice of his friend Salif and to go see a great marabout in Africa. While his plane is flying over Egypt, broken down, the pilot decides to make an emergency landing in Cairo. They will not be able to leave until the next day.

During this short stay in Cairo he meets a mysterious person to whom he instinctively talks about his problems, he offers to introduce him to a great sorcerer Eth-Dybbouk who could help him. This great wizard turns out to be a demon. After meditating on the rules, warning him and guaranteeing his wife's survival, he delivers hi the "Eth-Hortensia" a Time bracelet. However, this bracelet will give him such omnipotence that he will break the rules and that's when things will be complicated for him. Tracked down by the demon's servants, who want his blood, he will try to separate himself from the bracelet by depositing it in a letter box, the sum of which is worth 7. The latter is that of Chloé, a student. Inheriting this bracelet things will become complicated this time for Chloé who will discover the strength of the bracelet. "

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