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Dernière mise à jour : 4 oct. 2020

"Past of the futur present" or PFP is a SCI-FI TV show written by Gazanfer BIRICIK in 2016. 5 seasons for 12 episodes. the history is, like all the Gazanfer's work, very deep and meaningful. The history is really original, the univers is explosive, with great episodes. Gazanfer BIRICIK is looking for producer for fundings & get an effective and successful crew because, we think is almost at the GOT level.

Below a little synopsis to discover the world of PFP :

" Each streak of light in the universe is a door that opens onto the past. Behind each one, since the existence of human beings on earth, the least action, the least word the smallest fact is archived there. Each of these streaks of light happens to be the spiritual image of a past moment from the earth. These streaks of light are just behind the constellation Orion. The servants of Jaybél do not have sufficient energy to access it, only the human soul can access it through the three stars which constitute the constellation Orion. The only one who can trigger a mission through one of these streaks of light is Jaybél. As soon as a door to the past opens, automatically all pairs are authorized to access it but according to certain rules.

When the full moon appears, the different pairs are tele-transported to a parallel world. At this moment the world on earth freezes and does not move until their return. On their first tele-transportation, beings of light teach them how to use their powers on earth and through these doors that open onto the past! "




Hoping this great project find a producer we follow this project very close !

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