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🇺🇸 Gazanfer BIRICIK finally received the trophy !

Dernière mise à jour : 28 févr.

Gazanfer BIRICIK won an award at Royal Wolf Film Awards in Los Angeles in the United States.

The short "GAB" directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK continues to be awarded all other the world. But where the short has been the most awarded is obviously in the United States of America.

After being notified he was award winning, we waited the trofy. As promised Gazanfer received his trophy, happy to share it in Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Really wonderful trophy !

GAB is other all more than 80 awards and thousands of officiels selections in Festivals. He received a lots of compliments for the message it delivers.

It's just a remainder of West values, how beautiful & human is the west true West values.

Waiting for new trophies and awards, you can watch the Short GAB here

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