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🇺🇸 GAB directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK Awarded in NewYork!

The Short GAB directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK in 2018 & produced by La Vie Pariog, where he talks about terrorism, has been awarded in New-York at NewYork Film Awards !

We ask him what he think about this award ? Gazanfer words are : " It's always a big pleasure and a great honor to receive an award for your work it helps you to perform yourself in your passion. Because directing a movie is before all a passion where you share your world with people. Thanks again to New-York Film Award !"

GAB has been awarded as Best Sci-Fi. The short talks about about Gabriel who impose himself in an interview in a bar in Pigalle in Paris. It's during this exchange that everything will change for Ani the Journalist.

We wish Gazanfer BIRICIK all the best.

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