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🇺🇸 Interview : GAB winner at Izmit International Short Film Festival (IISFF 2019)

Dernière mise à jour : 6 févr.

GAB is winner at Izmit International short film festival as Best Sci-Fi. Gazanfer BIRICIK made the trip and give us a little interview.

How was your trip on Izmit ?

I had a very nice welcome when I arrived at the airport. Mr. Fettah Adali picked me up at the airport and drove me to the Ramada a fabulous five-star hotel. I stayed there all my stay. Mr Fettah Adali is very good people.

What about the organization of the festival ?

I can tell you the organization is excellent. Mr. Akin Ülkü Sevinc President of the Festival is someone very competent. He ensured perfect communication, I had no difficulty integrating into the landscape of the city of Izmit. Mr Akin Ülkü Sevinc is also the director of the association Art Nicomedia, the main organizer of the festival.

Which people pay your intention in the event ?

Already I can mention Mr. Akin Ülkü Sevinc is a remarkable person, he has a talent in public relations. He has a talent for management and organization. He is very friendly and makes sure you do not miss anything. I could mention other people, as Fidan Akyüz also member of the organization of the event, but I can say that all the people I met during my stay all have an important place for me.

What about the people you met in the Festival ?

Apart from Mr Akin ülkü Sevinç with whom I had a good affinity, among the participants I had a lot of affinity with Anthony Merchak who won the prize for best drama for "My Destiny" a short that I realy like so much, and Çağatay Çelikbaş Fimmaker and jury member. I am going to watch his documentary "Aktör" who won a lots of awards. I also have good affinity with the festival photographer Erdem Arcan who bring a very interresting project about Macedonian turks history. Affinity is something that you can not be explained. I really spend a very good time especially with this three ones.

Did you meet unexpected people ?

Yes I met Mister Onur Yagiz a french Director, he won "golden orange award" for "Patika" in 2012, he was at IISFF for his new short "TOPRAK" who also won best fiction film. After the ceremony awards I talked with him which one is a competent and talent Director, I loved too his short "TOPRAK". Otherwise I met Roger Worrod member of the Jury, he is very good guy with a great experience. And finally the one who was unexpected was Korhan Günay a successful screenwriter and filmmaker in Turkey, he shared with us his experience in screenwriting. He works for TVs and Producers in Turkey.

What about the ceremony ?

It was really amazing and great, I made a little speech to thank the festival team who was really great and wonderful. When they call me for the award I was a little stressed but the Festival Director helps you to exceed. It was great.

What do you like in this stay ?

Everything !!! It was great, they took good care of us, the festival had organized a tour in which we visited Izmit and its historical places. Izmit is really a beautiful city, between sea and mountains.

Is there anything to add ?

IISFF is a great festival maybe the best I have to attend. I invite produces and filmmakers to submit their works to Izmit International Film Festival !

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