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The Short "13" directed in 2013 is 7 selections and 1 award in 2018

Dernière mise à jour : 28 févr.

The short "13" directed by Gazanfer BIRICIK in 2013 is a survivor who takes advantage of GAB and reaches 3 official selections and 1 award in 2018.

It was a surprise when we learnt that festivals want to see the short "13" and schedule a screening for it.

It's obviously the success of GAB who push "The Heartthrob" and "13" under the lights.

"13" is for the moment :

Awards :

Selections :

03 - Official Selection at RAMDAM film festival in Tournai (France)

04 DHAKA International Film Festival DIMFF Dhaka Bengladesh

05 - Official Selection at Afrincan International film Festival in Lagos Nigeria

06 - Official Selection at MINA in Melbourne (Australia)

07 - Official Selection at Get smart film Festival at Bradfor (UK)

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