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Great News for GAB, an award from L.A Logcinema Theatre o film.

What a wonderful trip for GAB. It's now 35 awards for 65 selections in all other the world !

It's not a surprise for the ones who watched this short. A short who talk about a serious subject about terrorism with an other way. Not the way people used to see.

People must see that short to understand how thin this film is and whose meticulousely writing.

Some people have to look at the film three times at least to discover the details inside the screen and the dialogues who bring people to another undestanding way.

Now GAB is realy appreciated in New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Spain where the short has been selected 3 times at least. In the USA it's 25 times.

Hoping GAB follow his road and reach a better trip waiting the next project of the Director.

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